Using eMClient with Hotmail

I have created a new Hotmail account and added it to eMClient together with my VirginMedia email account. My plan is to move gradually away from the latter, which i currently use for most of my email correspondence.

The problem i have is that i want to recreate a number of local folders, but when i open eMC it automatically uploads these folders to my hotmail account, which doesn’t happen with VirginMedia. Is there a way around this?

On a related note, i have disabled synchronise items at start up, however, this doesn’t seem work with Hotmail.

Any guidance gratefully received.

No help here, unusually, but i did find a solution on the MS forum that solved all the problems and i’ll précis the solution here in case anyone has the same issue.

It is necessary first to enable POP3 in hotmail/outlook settings. Then create a new account for the hotmail address in eMC using the manual set up for ‘mail’ rather than the automatic one.

The result overcomes both of the issues reported in my initial post.

Well, this is the difference between POP3 and IMAP/Exchange.

POP3 doesn’t sync with a server, so whatever folders you create in that account, or how you move messages around, in eM Client, is all local. It is not synced back to the server.

IMAP/Exchange works similar to webmail. What you see in eM Client is really just a cached copy of what is on the server. So if you create a folder and move some messages into it in eM Client, you are actually doing that on the server.

eM Client also has Local Folders (enabled by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders). These are a set of folders below your others, that are not synced with servers and completely account independent. You can move messages from IMAP and Exchange folders into Local Folders to remove them from the server and free up space.

Thanks for the explanation. That might have been an alternative method of achieving what i wanted, but i think the POP3 solution is a more elegant one.

I did for the first time select Show Local Folders. There were 4 emails altogether including a couple from 2016 in ‘trash’ and the latest - from June 2022 - in ‘archived’. All from ebay.

I thought i understood this process but clearly i don’t - I’m still rather struggling with using hotmail on eMClient.

When i opened my hotmail account on the server i found random items in my inbox, dating back 4 days. I expected to see all my emails in my inbox on the server until i delete them on the server (as is the case with my VM server).
In my deleted items on the server, there was one email dated 24/08 - i have no idea why it is there.
In my sent items, which i expected to be empty (as is the case with my VM server) there were again seemingly random emails dating back all the way to 28/07.

Basically, i thought that if i set up my hotmail account the same way as my VM account - in eMClient - they would operate in the same way. Clearly they don’t and i’d appreciate any instructions on how i can make it happen. Thanks.