Using eMClient with Dropbox

I have just completed testing the use of EssentialPro PIM to be used with my company. The interface with this client is not as “clean and easy to use as” eMclient. There are two features that are in this program, but missing in eM client – both would be great to use. First, the ability to have the data base for eMClient to use DropBox and the second is with the ability to make a “tree” of tasks.
Since I work with eMclient on a desktop and on a laptop, the ability to use the database with DropBox would be OUTSTANDING.

What Essential Pro PIM has is that the database is worked with local on the hard drive, and then when the program is closed, it moves the database (Copies) to DropBox. Thus, the database is able to travel with me from the two machines. This means that the changes to categories on one machine are then able to be opened and used on the other machine without having to do a backup and restore. Also, with this method – when tasks are inserted, they are not corrupted in the “restore” process – meaning that the dates for tasks are maintained, and the recurring tasks are keep in synch.

The simplicity of eMClient is outstanding, but the inability to work on two different machines and not experience corrupted data is “Horrible, and has caused the search for a more portable solution for my company.”

I would like to know if this is being examined within eMClient.