Using emClient on Multiple Devices

I have a total of 3 devices that I have to switch between and I’d like to install emClient on all of them. However I read threads that only one device can be activated with one license.
So my question is -

Do I need to buy multiple licenses for emClient to use with all 3 of my computers or can I just buy one and use it on all 3 of my devices.

Looks like the latter is the answer.

Per eMC support, “eM Client licenses are meant to be used on one computer only, so if you have one eM Client license and are using eM Client on two or more computers, you will be asked to re-activate your eM Client license each time you switch between the computers.”

If you want to activate the license on more than one computer, you can buy (a muti license) for your 3 pcs and can contact to do that.

Or you have to as @sunriseal advised activate your single license each time when moving between your computers.