Using eM with iCloud mail - folder sync

I have been using MS Outlook for a very long time (decades) but is seriously disappointed with the lack of a proper search function.

So I downloaded eM and started using it, initially very pleased, but now I notice that mails that I have sent and then moved to one of my folders (I have MANY folders) does not show in eM despite initiating sync several times.

In Outlook however mails show pretty much directly.

What am I doing wrong ?

Cause I cannot use a mail client SW which does not sync folder content properly despite the number of folders.

Any help highly appreciated.

Hi again

Right now I am looking at my eM as well as Outlook client, and I received an email “turning up” in
Outlook pretty much “on the dot” ca 8:44 PM, i.e. 10 minutes ago, bit still nowhere to be seen in eM.

Wtf ?!?!? This cannot be the expected performance or ?

Any config necessary to make it work för iCloud mail ???