Using eM Client as CRM/Contact Manager?

I am trying to use eM Client as a simple CRM like tool primarily for contact management. IF anyone has done this and could provide me with some information or let me view an example it would be much appreciated.

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I am sorry but I do not think you can do that. eM Client is not meant to be used as CRM so it misses few essential features (for CRM).

I have figured out a pretty good way to use it as a contact manager - its a little more manual than I would like but allows me to use categories and track it pretty well.

It would be VERY helpful if it were possible to assign TASKS to a CONTACT. This way you would pull up a contact, add a task that says “CALL HIM BACK” with a due date, and it will work very nicely. You can already view all of the email and messaging to/from a contact - and also events - just need to add tasks.

(Oh, and one other thing - it is crazy that the contact history is case sensitive and doesn’t detect different ways of writing the same email.)

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We will consider it :slight_smile: