Using categories as mailgroups/distributiongroups...

eMClient is 99,9% replacing my RoundCube webmail because of the CARD/CALDav functionality. The 0.1% that remains and really would be great is being able to use Categories as mailgroups… I have an entire sportsclub to manage, and members are devided into categories like teams, commissions, etc. Mailing to a certain category would be the only missing feature to be filled in soon I hope!

Hello unfortunately it is not possible to use categories as distribution lists, in order to send mass or group mail, you have to create a distribution list for your contacts and use the distribution list name in your To field (recipients) while composing a new message.

To create a distribution list, select your contacts, right click the selection and select “Create new distribution list”.

Hope this helps,

Oh, that will help allright, though I was just spoiled by another solution which works that way.

Maybe it wouldn’t be that tricky to develop in eMClient as it would certainly add a good value to the new look at things. Categories are more than just a label. Which function would it serve besides label only? Sorting? There could be a lot more done with it. Even more than Outlook does :wink:

For this moment we will continue to use our webbased solution specificly for this, in order to keep things managed centrally for quite some people that are using these category groups.

I’m voting for this as requested feature :wink:

Thanks for your quick answer, I am using eMClient with much pleasure!

Paul, once I’ve created some distribution lists, how can I view a list of them? I Can’t find a way to do that anywhere. Thx…Neil

PS…if I use the same name for the distribution list as the category name, will that cause any issues in eMC? In GMail contacts? Thx again…Neil

Hello Neil, unfortunately Gmail does not support Distribution lists, instead of distribution lists, the online Gmail interface is using labels, so distribution lists added to your gmail account are only saved locally in your eM Client database, having an equal name to the label or category should not be causing any issues.


Thanks Paul

is there a feature to create (local) Distributionlists from a Mail header? If not, wouldn’t it be a nice feature?
I’m thinking of a button in the “Actions” Menu of the Mail “Create Distribution List from Mail” -> all recipients (except me) + the sender would be added to a new Distribution list… So I wouldn’t need to save them manually as contacts and go via dialog… Alternatively a Drag&Drop functionality of the “Distribution List” (I use the german Version, so the Name of dialog might differ :slight_smile: ) Dialog for E-Mail-addresses could be helpful. So I could drag them directly from the Mail header…