User Interface Update and Other Features

Have the team thought about improving the User Interface? It would be great if eM Client could look like other programs such as Mailspring. Also how about features such as tracking and opening notifications?

Thank you

The two applications do look somewhat similar. :wink:

Yes, you are right!

Or, should I say, we need better themes! lol. They do have nice, smooth themes, the ones that em Client has by default are alright. We need better ones! :slight_smile:

Do you think they should add email/link tracking as well?

No I don’t think there should be tracking. It is bordering on privacy invasion. :wink:

Read receipt is already there and that is enough. I never acknowledge read receipts.

Fair point. I just wanted to know if certain people opened my email so I am not standing in front of the screen like a dummy waiting for an answer or something.

You can request a read receipt, but that is only as good as the recipient acknowledging the request.