Useful keystrokes

Long-time eM Client users probably know about what I mention below, so this is for other eM Client newbies like me.

Improving readability in lists

eM Client has an undocumented keystroke that can help with readability: Control+F11. If you press Control+F11 when you’re in a “list view” — either the main window or the contact list — eM Client expands each line’s spacing, vertically. This puts noticeably more “air” around the lines and makes them somewhat easier to read. (The change does not “stick” when you close eM Client.)

Copying and moving messages

Like Outlook, eM Client enables you to copy and move messages not just by using the keystrokes Control+Shift+C (and V), but by using standard copy/paste keystrokes Control+C and Control+V. In some circumstances this can be faster. Example of use:

With my POP3 account, I often want to keep a local copy of a message but remove it from the server. I have the “remove from server when emptied from Trash” option enabled. When I’m viewing the Inbox message list, first I use Control+C to copy (a) message(s) I’ve highlighted in the list. Then I click the folder to which I want to copy them, click within the new folder’s message list area to ensure it has the focus, then press Control+V to copy the message(s) to the new location. Then I return to the Inbox list, delete that(those) message(s), then empty the trash.

The same kind of procedure, but using Control+X and then Control+V,  moves the selected message(s) to the new location.

Copying between accounts (seems to work so far)

I haven’t experimented extensively with this, but: I have two email accounts — one POP3 and one IMAP (gmail). The Control+C/Control+V shortcuts even seem to work for copying messages from my Gmail account into the eM Client database for the POP3 account. I’m finding that extremely useful.

The “copy to folder” and “move to folder” keystrokes, I just found, can also be used while a message is being viewed. That is: view a message. Press Control+Shift+C to copy it. The “copy to…” dialog box appears. Select Trash and close the dialog. The message is now copied to Trash.

The message remains open. Press Shift+Control+V. The “move to…” dialog opens. Select the folder where you want to retain the message and close the dialog. The message also closes, and is moved. Pretty handy. (But if you are moving/copying multiple messages, the previously recommended keystrokes are more efficient.)