Use Shift-TAB to tab back to the Subject line

I often start writing an e-mail and finds out that I need to change the subject line. In outlook I used SHIFT-TAB to get to the subject line. Right now, I don’t know where the focus is going, it seems to get stuck somewhere.

The other way around, from Subject to start writing the email works, so that’s great!
That’s just one thing that would save me from using the mouse!

I think this is pretty standard in most mail apps, both web and hard apps.

Thanks for a great software, I’m *this* close to buying it… :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree with this complain. I also would really need this Shift+Tab feature.

Thanks for the idea. I will add it to our feature requests list.

It’s not really a feature request - this would be standard Windows behaviour and eM Client simply doesn’t do it. Still not working in eM Client 3.0.

It’s already implemented and will be inculded in version 3.1.

Thank You, it is working fine. You can close this issue.