Use IE9 (or IE8) engine instead of IE7 by default

By default eM Client uses IE7 as render engine for mails and web widgets. Specially if you us the widgets this can be quite annoying as a lot of pages like and don’t work with this browser. Fortunately there is an easy solution. Just one little change in the registry let’s eM Client use Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

To see how the tweak works check the “Manual instructions” part in this guide: Avant Guide
You just have to name the key “MailClient.exe” instead of “avant.exe”. And if you like to use IE9 instead of IE8 (AFAIK you have to use the version installed on your system), use this value: Decimal 9000 (Hexadecimal 2328).

As I don’t see any problems at the moment I see no reason to not use this tweak by default. What do you think?

Thanks for that hint!

The list of available choices can be found at

To test the tweak, I put a small PHP script on my web space, which would return me the HTTP_USER_AGENT string as a PNG image.
After that, all I had to do was sending myself an HTML formatted mail including that URL via the img tag.


This worked, but when I did it, the arrow keys on my keyboard no longer worked within messages.