Use arrow keys to scroll through opened message

Is there a way to use the arrow keys to scroll down through an opened email? For example, if I open a message in Gmail, I can then use the arrow key to move down and read the message. Even clicking anywhere in the message doesn’t activate the focus in order to scroll with the arrow keys - only the mouse scroll works.

this should be no problem, if I click on the content of the mail message (make it active), I can scroll with arrows regularly.
Does anything happen if you try to use the arrows? Do you switch between emails or does it do nothing?

Thank you,

It doesn’t do anything, even if I click on the message to make it active. But the weird thing is it works with the mouse scroll. Home, Pg Up, Pg Dn, and End work. I tried it with the onscreen accessibility keyboard through Windows, and they don’t work there either.

The arrow keys do work if I’m moving up and down in the inbox list, just not when I open a message.

I’m on Win 7 with emclient version 6.0.19861.0

I can try installing and testing it on a different computer if that helps.

yes you could that, I really have no problem with this, can you use page up/down? If you just click on a random message in inbox can you at least switch between messages using the arrows?


Hi Paul - It looks like I updated my message while you were posting yours. See my edited message.

if you have the option please try installing the application on a different computer and let me know if it works.


It must be my laptop. I installed it on a desktop computer (Win 7 Home Premium), and the arrow keys worked as they should. I am not sure why my laptop’s arrow keys would not work in this particular application. Thanks.

to be honest I have no idea either, but it’s shouldn’t be an issue with the application.

I hope it’s not a big issue for you,

I figured out what was doing it. I am trying to use GQueues in a widget, and I get the message “You are using an unsupported browser.” So when I did some research, I found this forum message:…

And it works (I set it to IE9), but the arrow keys don’t . When I removed the registry key, the arrow keys work again.

Is emclient using the IE7 browser engine?

eM Client is using the engine of Internet Explorer which is currently on your computer, however it runs in “compatibility” mode, so it’s possible it’s using the IE7.
There’s a possibility we’ll be changing this behavior in future releases so I hope it works for you with the current settings.

Thank you for understanding,

The widget I’m using for GQueues (I’m just loading the website in a widget) doesn’t work in IE7 (or in IE9’s compatibility mode) because their site doesn’t support IE7. I guess I’ll have to wait until emclient changes it. :frowning:

After doing some research ('cause I’m the type that doesn’t let things go easily :wink: ), I set the hex value to 9000, and some messages will scroll w/ the arrow keys, and some don’t.

I am tracking which content-types work and which ones don’t if that will be helpful for later versions of emclient.