Use a Windows and a Mac client with same database

Am new with eM and want to use it on a Windows and a Mac client with the database being on a NAS server. I installed on both computers and importet all local folders from Thunderbird. Moved Folder from C: to NAS. Works fine on Windows. Now I thought I just install on Mac and change the folder for database, but does not work. 

As far as I know you can’t use the same database simultaneously by two clients, but also, there may be some difference between the Mac and Windows version of the database.

Normally you would set the two clients up to access the same IMAP account. That way they would share the same messages. You can do the same with contacts and calendars. Is there anything besides these that you need to have synced between the two clients?

Yes, the offline folders … I know I dont need to have that setting for the mails lying on the mail servers (like hotmail). I use IMAP for that but Id love to use my offline folders from both computers.

The other issue with keeping the eM Client database on a network share, is that it is going to be very slow.

Some other email clients can share mbox or files stored on a network share, but unfortunately not eM Client. 

If they are historical emails that you just need to reference occasionally, you could export then from one computer and import them to Local Folders on the other, but they will not be in sync if you change anything.

yes its like that but I dont want to copy them, no way. then I dont need to have them on the nas. it actually did work with thunderbird, though making problems all the time … and to the speed - well that is no issue, as I dont need so often. so will just have them on one computer.
thx anyway for your support !!

have problem now that I can not open eM Client on mac at all. did delete it and install new, not possible, seems still the settings of path to NAS there. Can you (or anynone else) give me the any paths where em Client does save on the mac (like library) that I need to delete before installing new?? :slight_smile:

I have no experience with Mac, sorry Alex. On Windows the database location can be changed in the registry if it is not possible to open the application.

yes I know that. but on the mac the program now does not even start. seems I need to delete some “system-entries” whatever that is called. never mind, will google and find out :slight_smile: