URL link failed

Surprised to find this. The link is a tinyurl.com link. I get this message asking if I need protection. I don’t, click yes, nothing happens. Thoughts? (checked, link itself is fine). Thanks!

Hi, this is protection from eM client to prevent phishing, but if you have this as issue because link in email leads to correct url then export this email into .eml and send it as attachment to me.


Link was definitely valid. I’ll try to find it and will send. I think eM Client was just responding to the fact that it was a tinyurl.com address.

Hi, did you experience the issue ever again?
after clicking yes the link should load regularly, without questioning what kind of link is it.

I’ve tested this and tinyurl.com links opened as they should.

Also what version are you using at the moment?


Thanks. I’ve been traveling on an assignment since posting that and a bit too busy to research it. I will go back to it this week. I’m using the most up-to-date (paid) version. Perhaps there was something in particular about this link, but it will take a few minutes to go through my past mail and find it, and I haven’t had that time just yet. Thanks again for following up. I can say that it was a legitimate link, however, because I made the tinyurl.com link myself. I was checking my OWN sent mail.