URL handler blocked

I have several URL handlers that EM Client is now blocking as of this most recent update and I cannot find any security setting to allow them. In version 7.2.35595.0 we did not have this issue, but now in 7.2.36465.0 we are. If I roll back the installation it resumes working.

EM Client simply does not let you click on the links, for example I will have a file link ([file://server.domain/share/file.pdf](file://server.domain/share/file.pdf)) and it will work if I use my browsers but not in EM Client. Aside from file links we also have several custom URL handlers that launch applications on our system and those are blocked as well inside of EM Client.

The only security setting I know of is under Settings > Mail > Privacy, and I have set it to “Display unsafe content in all messages” in case that would help and it makes no difference.

I understand some this could be done for security reasons, however this capability is used extensively throughout our company and I need a way to allow it on our emails internally. Does anybody know how to do that?

eM Client has always had issues with unusual urls, especially in messages from suppliers like Amazon. It does not surprise me that this has not been corrected, but actually gotten worse in the latest beta version service update. 

So downgrading is an immediate solution for you, as you have discovered, but going forward maybe opening a support ticket with eM Client will help. In recent correspondence with them, they say they are not aware of the many issues in the latest version.

In case any wants to know, 7.2.36694.0 fixed the file:\ URL, but our custom URLs still don’t work at this time.

Me too!

We have a custom handler of the style erp://erpmail@erpsrv .
I considered to replace Outlook by eM for users whose only eMail use is such messages from the ERP system.
Now I find that eM doesn’t handle just these.

In 35595 it works for me.

I always considered 7.2.35595 the last reliable release. 

It will be interesting to see what 8.x provides in the Spring.