Upon windows 10 installation I have lost all my previously downloaded email

I successfully installed Windows 10 and then things started going downhill. I started eM from it’s directory as it was no longer on the taskbar.or toolbar or whatever. It “remembered” zero. How do I get it to find its former configuration. I need access to the old email I had saved.BTW I have a paid subscription to eM but no proof of it without my email

I figured it out but I’ll post the answer in case anyone else runs into it. I did not realize that when Win 10 asked me for a microsoft account name that the effect woud be.to create a new user and to log me in as that new user. I closed the browser,  relogged in as my  usual self and found everthing as it used to be. it seems obvious now but not last night!

Hi mj,
sorry for the late reaction, but I’m glad your issue has been resolved.
Thank you for sharing the solution with other users on the forum.