Uploading Error Message

I have just started getting pop up of an error message which says: “Uploading items to folder xxxxxxx failed due to the following error: invalid Sequence Value” - What does this mean? I never got it previously and I did not try to upload anything in eM client

Hello Deepak, is this one of your calendar folders? or mail folders? The error suggest there’s a corrupt item that can’t be synchronised with the server. If you’re using an online email/calendar service by having an account setup you’re automatically synchronising your data with the server (e.g. uploading and downloading items to and from the server all the time). If the item is corrupt, it can’t be accepted and thus an error is thrown.

By repairing the suggested folder you should be able to avoid this error as repairing the folder will remove all data from the server and will re-download only current data available on the server. To repair the folder right click the folder in the left pane and select Properties > Repair and click on the “Repair” button.


Hi Paul, this is a GMAIL calendar folder that I set up as I was trying the application. i can easily delete this. The CRA was set up to add calendar entries for meetings with / phone calls to Canada revenue Agency. I will try and delete the folder and given that I am getting more error messages of random nature, i will delete and reinstall eM.