Upgrading my license from V8 to lifetime


is it not possible to get a licensekey after upgrading from V8 to lifetimelicense after about one day? I´ve send mails to em-support and 2checkout-support and there is no incoming so far.

How long lasts an update of a license normally?

I only received automated replies from 2checkout and on em-helpdesk there is a ticket, which is unchanged since yesterday.

You was taking my money at once, so I think I should get the key short?

jueves 02 junio 2022 :: 1356hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @Krond

You can log into your 2checkout account for licence information at:

MyAccount Default Version 2.

If yo do not have an account you can create one using your order email
address and the order reference you will have received from 2checkout


You can also try:

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really? No! I have a look at the account on 2checkout and in my em-licensemanager and there is nowhere a licensekey. On 2checkout there is my invoice and there is the “Order status: Finished”. Thats all.

And really a suggestion to take the free version? I´m using emClient many years, since version 6 (or was it 7? No, I think 6) and I know, that the free client can´t manage those things, these I need, so more than one account for example.

The only what happened (for your info): I´ve 3 licences over years, at the buy of the upgrade I´ve made a mistake an take 4 licenses, probable not looked at the order before clicking the buy-button. So I take a refund from 1 license - so I remain 3 licenses.

But never got a key for it. Never heard from support at em-helpdesk, never heard from support at 2checkout. This is not a reference for support-teams, really.

jueves 02 junio 2022 :: 1440hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @Krond

There is currently a 4 day national holiday in the UK and possibly
why you have not yet had a reply.

I do not work for eMC, I am only trying to help, on my account
I can see licence keys in 2checkout.

I have no idea what you are talking about with ‘FREE’
If you follow the eMC link (click on the Logo) you can request
licence keys that have been issued, if your expected updated/new
key is not there you will just need to wait.

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Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.

Yes, the license will not have upgraded because you purchased a 4 device upgrade, but your license is only for 3 devices.

Someone will look into this for you today.

Once the license is upgraded, the key will remain the same.

This someone just got in touch on the helpdesk.

Unfortunately, however, she did not look at the account properly and did not look at the amounts of the order and the refund. So she means that the entire order was canceled and not just one of four licenses. If you look at the account, this is easy to see. Even the amounts of payment and refund should say everything.

I know it was my mistake when I first entered the order, but the difficulties that arise just because you get your order right is no longer pretty.

The lady in support actually means that I should pay for 3 out of 4 licenses and because I canceled 1, I no longer have any right to a license key? 120.00 euros down the drain because the helpdesk can’t correctly interpret what’s in the account?

Sorry for my bad englisch, I´m a native german, but slowly I’m getting really angry.

In the end it worked out, but it’s a shame that you have to escalate things like this through all the media for something to happen.

Anyway, thanks again for the support.