Upgrading Failed from v 5 to v 6

I am a paid Pro user, acted today on an email about upgrading to new v 6 from v 5, and purchased (excitedly) two lifetime licenses for my company. I then downloaded and installed v 6. Since then, it continuously tells me I don’t have a v 6 license, and cannot go online - yet I received the email telling me I successfully purchased two licenses. I have emailed, posted two tickets in Pro support, messed around in the online license manager, tried (unsuccessfully) to find a phone number to call someone, and have now invested 3+ hours trying to resolve, and have had NO response in 7+ hours from anyone at eM Client. Please help, and please fix this problem and / or post instructions for loyal customers who are trying to upgrade. This is very disappointing.

Did you go to Help --> License to enter your license code?

Hi, we have no instant support, if you are pro user and you are reporting at work day usually we will respond in matter of hours. But we do not offer 24/7 support.

Anyway if my colleague has not responded to you yet, go to Help - License and tell me if you have successfully activated license?

If yes, then how have you contacted my colleague? By email or over our pro support?


Have exactly the same problem see https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to… Have submitted ticket for pro support and posted here in forum. Meanwhile can’t get my emails.

The problem is resolved, and lies somewhere in the eM Client system when one orders something they don’t expect. I ordered 2 lifetime, but only had one Pro license prior - so when I changed the # of seats to 2, they happily took my $, but their system couldn’t match up the license until someone on their side went in and manually upgraded my license. I totally get there will be issues like this, but the fact that it took nearly 24 hours to respond was disappointing. I like the software, but they clearly are a small company that doesn’t have a ton of folks in customer service. It is fixed now though, and v 6 running fine. Really like their software!

Let’s hope that more and more people will buy eM Client, so they can hire extra people for development and support :slight_smile:

Hi, I am glad that my colleague was able to help you, 24 hours is a lot for pro support yes, but please be aware of that we usually do not work over weekends and at night time.


My issue was essentially the same except I had two pro licenses and ordered my lifetime two seats under just one license. Licensing system couldn’t handle it. My issue has also been corrected.

Thank you for informing me, I am now marking this as solved :slight_smile: