Upgraded to eM Client Pro 8.2.1237 - lost all contact distribution lists

I just Upgraded to eM Client Pro 8.2.1237 and lost all my contact distribution lists. Is there any way to recover them? I do have Macrium Backups, can they be recovered from there?

Edit: Tried restoring the following files from my Macrium backup but it made no difference, Distribution lists still do not show.


Show groups in Contact list is on:


Third-party backup options normally do not make reliable backups of eM Client, and usually have empty files in the backup if eM Client was running during the backup.

If you have a backup made from within eM Client using Menu > Backup, or Automatic Backup, you can use that.

To do that:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > General > Backup, and change Preserve Last to 5, because we don’t want to overwrite or delete any recent backups you already have. Click Apply > OK.

  2. Now make a backup using Menu > Backup. We will come back to this backup later after extracting your distribution lists.

  3. Disconnect from the Internet and restore the last eM Client backup where you think the distribution lists were still there, using Menu > File > Restore. If you don’t have an eM Client backup, you can try restoring from your Macrium backup. You want the whole eM Client directory and all it’s files and folders. If the backup was set to incremental, it may not be of any use, but you can try.

  4. Once restored, go to the contact section of eM Client and by right-click on the distribution list, choose Save As. Save this somewhere on your computer.

  5. Now go to Menu > File > Restore and restore the backup you made in step 2.

  6. Reconnect to the Internet.

  7. Drag the saved distribution list from Windows Explorer back into your contacts in eM Client.

No backup from within eM Client. The Macrium backups look okay, no empty files that I can see but when I saved the current eM Client directory tree under Appdata then restored one from a Macrium backup it didn’t make any difference.

This is beginning to look like a screw up between Google sync and eM Client somehow. Not only did I lose the distribution lists but almost off the E-mail addresses of the contacts are also gone. Even when I restored a directory tree from 3/28/2021 they aall still seem to be missing, which is impossible since the day before I submitted this problem here, everything was okay, which was April 9th.

My contacts are completely screwed up and the Macrium backups don’t help.

Login to your Google Contacts using their web interface.

Are your missing contacts in the Other Contacts folder?

If they are, move them back to the Contacts folder. Restart eM Client.

I was able to recover everything from my Laptop last night which I hadn’t used for a couple weeks. I powered up, disconnected from the internet then started eM Client and exported contacts as .vcf and everything was there.

Then imported into contacts on my Desktop where they were trashed (deleted existing first) and all are back.

Just now checked Gmail and contacts are correct there as well now so sync appears to have taken care of it.
I now have a good, exported copy of my contacts in case I need it in the future, and I’ll keep it up to data as I make changes.

Definite learning experience.

Thanks for the info on Other Contacts Gary, didn’t realize that existed. I’ll check there first next time.