Upgraded but only gmail from the last 6 months are now in my inbox

I have just upgraded to 7.02.27943.0 but its done all sorts of strange things to my emails.  Of most concern/frustration is that it has only imported 6 months worth of emails so anything older than this is no longer in my inbox or folders (although still available online in gmail I prefer them locally!) Any ideas how I fix this?

Secondly its grouping relies etc all in one email with the most recent on top, even if its a sent email which is really weird!

Grateful for any help!

Hello Tina,
the grouping is a new feature - Conversations. The way conversations works is actually inspired by Gmail webmail. You can change the setting in Menu>View>Conversations.

As for only recent emails being synchronized - that is very strange, are there any error messages in Menu>Tools>Operations?
Is your gmail set up as IMAP? Check in Menu>Tools>Accounts. If so, right-click your account name in the left-side menu and choose Properties>Repair. Wait for the data to resynchronize and then check your folders.