Upgraded and lost my folders and saved emails!

I just downloaded the latest version from an older version and lost all of my folders and the settings for my gmail account and another.   I can’t do business without the info in 100’s of emails in the folders.  How do I return to the older version and regain my data? 

Are you using IMAP with Gmail, because it should resync your data and you shouldn’t loose anything.

Are you upgrading from version 6?  I so, you can always import your data by going to menu/file/import and select eM Client 6.  The upgrade routine does not delete the version 6 database, so all of your data should be safe.

It says no data found when trying to import V6.
Where is the V6 data found on my computer?
Using IMAP but only one of my email addresses came through from my website address.

The version 6 data is in the same location as version 7 which is C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. If you changed the location of the database then it may not appear in the upgraded version. You can change the location in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage.

Each IMAP account only has one email address. If you previously had more than one address, then you need to add the other account as well.

To return to the older version, close eM Client and then uninstall it. This will not delete any data, just removes the application. Then go to http://www.emclient.com/release-history and download the version you were using previously. Once that is installed, all your previous data will be there.

The only time the old data will be deleted, is when upgrading to a newer version, after the import you agreed to delete the old data.

Same thing happened to me and I am restoring the old data at the moment. emClient must be the only app out there that offers you an upgrade then apparently loses all your data. Common sense says that if the user upgrades, whether free or paid, they expect to get the improved functionality WITHOUT losing any data. emClient is an excellent application. Don’t spoil it with this amateurish quirk. At least if there is some special reason for it, prompt the user in a very large font, asking do they want to import their existing emClient email or not, and default their answer to Yes.

Usually the upgrade is no problem. After upgrading from 6 to 7, you will be prompted to import the old data. If you choose not to, you can always do it at a later time. This is because of a difference in the database structure between the major versions.

Your data will never be lost, so either do the import, or downgrade back to the previous version.

OK. It’s possible I saw the prompt to import old data, but ignored it, thinking it was an offer to import additional data from gmail or wherever. It’s such a strange question to ask. Of course if I upgrade the program I still want to keep my old emails and contacts. I can understand your installer asking about importing databases if I am newly installing, but not if I am simply upgrading. The question is a crazy one. You can fix this by having your developers add one line of additional logic to your installation code.