Upgrade to version 8

I updated my free version of eMClient to version 8 today. I checked the License menu and it says I have a 30 day free trial of V8. What happens at the end of the 30 days? I want to stay on a free license. Will i need to activate with my current license key (ie deactivate then reactivate) or will I need to deactivate and the a new license key for the free version of 8. I like to know what I will need so I can get this done quickly. I don’t really need the 30 day trial period, Can I shortcut that in anyway and just move on to the free version 8 right now.

You just need to request a V8 Free license at the following URL

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. I guess i was not as clear as I should have been.

I already have a free emclient license that I got when started using Version 7 in 2017.

Today, I used the ‘check for updates’ in the free license version 7 i had, and it loaded and installed version 8.

Everything works fine, it just says under ‘License’ that I am running the Free (30 day V8 trial expiring 8/13/2020). So that is the crux of my question, Do I have to do anything?

Or do I have to deactivate the current license and get a new license and reactivate with a new license on or before 8/13/2020

My understanding is yes, you will have to deactivate V7 license and activate a new V8 free license. I started on V7, and did the upgrade to the Beta of V8 and I had to get a new V8 license once the beta test was over, and my V7 license was deactivated. (It is still valid but not for V8.)

But how do you get the license? If you try it tells you you already have a license - the beta license. Do I just wait till the beta license expires or ???



The beta expired on June 30, 2020. You will have to either get a free license for 2 email accounts or if you have more than 2 email accounts then upgrade to a pro version 8 license. (Your version 7 license will not work for version 8). Hope this helps.

great question. I have been all over the forum and no ones seems to know the answer. I have been usng v7 free version for several years and upgraded to v8 using the ‘Check for updates’ in V7. the upgrade went fine and so far no issues. However when I checked the License by selecting license in the menu it says for my license -Free (V8 trial ends 8/14/2020). I have tried a number things to get a v8 free license - because I only need what is available with the free license - and nothing seems to work. At this point I think that when my trial period is over, my license will just show as free and the non-free capabilities of the s/w will be unavailable to me. It is the only thing that makes sense, but I wish the emclient folks would be clearer. I assume you got a license key to activate your emclient, my guess is that it will convert to a free license. I would think emclient would send emails encouraging us to up grade to the full V8 with some info on how you do that or how you get free license if you don’t upgrade, but I have seen no emails from emclient since my upgrade.