Upgrade to PRO but payment is not being accepted My activation key is 8db1671-138d-4299-b9a7-604362fe46e8

I have a free license but since my old computer died and I i have new one, I keep being told my evaluatuon period is expiring . I have tried to upgrde to PRO but payment is not being accpted Please help. My actication key is 8db1671-138d-4299-b9a7-604362fe46e8

Hi Barbara,

Do you need a Pro license ?
Is it because you intend to use it for business or you have more than 2 email accounts
that you want to use?

BTW - In general don’t post personal info like license keys etc.

If you don’t really need a pro licence , you can use the license key on the new computer.

Oh thank you for your quick response and for reminding me not to post info, so true . No I don’t need a  pro  license really,  it’s just that I keep getting  a countdown messages saying my ‘evaluation period’ is coming to an end,  so I clicked on the  free licence option and was told I already had one. So that’s what I thought   must be running  our , hence my panicked attempt to buy a pro. 

So I just do nothing  now, is that so?  And cancel the  credit card payment  ( which your company has not taken , so ethical  of you , I’m  really impressed) 

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for the feedback and You’re welcome as to the response.

Not sure what happened to the not-processing of your payment, but I had nothing to do with it - I’m just a volunteer here… ( can’t take credit for the perceived ethical part…

Do contact your credit card company and ask about the status of that payment,.
Did you receive any kind of notice or confirmation or reason for  non-acceptance of your payment ?

Anyway , just cancel the payment through whichever the payment provider is.

As for the license, try to apply it to the new installation.

If it doesn’t accept this because it was already used before write to [email protected] and explain that your license was tied to a now not functioning computer and ask them to deactivate that license, so you can use it on your new computer. In this case do include the license key.

Use my phrasing if you will…

It may take a day or more before you get an answer.

Thank you again . As before  I am impressed with your service !