Upgrade paths from v9 pro

I currently have two pro licences for v9. I’m very pleased that you now offer a personal licence for three machines, which will suit my usage perfectly, but I’m not sure whether the upgrade will give me the new three machine personal licence or another individual machine licence. Would be grateful for some clarification.

See @Gary post below on this subject.


"Your Pro license hasn’t changed. It is still for the number of devices you purchased it for.

The new Personal license is something different. You can’t upgrade a Pro license to a Personal license"

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Are you sure you have two licenses or one for two devices? I have the latter. If I want to upgrade, it will cost me 54.95 euros. Not exactly a bargain. If I buy a completely new personal license for three devices, it will cost me 59.95. In other words, there is no incentive for upgrading an existing pro license. Apparently, this is what the company wants. I feel it would make far more sense to reward existing customers by letting them all upgrade to a personal license for a reasonable price, say 29.95.


I do have two licences - they’ve got different serial numbers. I started with one, then had to buy another. It doesn’t really help me though. If I upgrade each of them it will cost pretty much the same as a new personal licence, which would let me use the software on three machines. It’s not exactly tempting, especially as the new version is an improvement, but only an incremental one (I’m a writer, and the AI features are of no interest to me). So yes I agree with you about the more reasonable upgrade path. I would like to support the team for their continuing work, but there has to be adequate value in it.

It’s strange to say the least. I mean paying $150 (lifetime) for 3 computers is way better than it used to be, however, if you have pro (1 computer), and do the ‘extend’ option, sure, you can add 1 more (at $80) but adding 2 is $140 (just $10 shy of $150), and 3 more comes out to $192. Basically, it’s not worth it to ‘extend’ more licenses on a Pro, and just buy a new Personal. Unless they alter the payment prices for the ones to ‘buy more licenses’

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I agree with you in part, however, if you only need to add 1 additional device to a total of 4 the new pricing structure is far more expensive as there has to be a minimum purchase of 3 devices.
My prices are different and less in Spain in Euro
(To add additional to Pro €46.00 & €84.00 & €117.00)
(Personal €109.95) and is cheaper than 3 additional Pro

I agree that eMC need to fine tune the pricing structure.

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The other thing is, there appears to be no difference between personal and pro licenses, which seems a bit odd.

I also own two pro licenses. You’d expect there would be a limitation when “downgrading” to a personal license, but that hasn’t been explained.

I also own two pro licenses. You’d expect there would be a limitation when “downgrading” to a personal license

The new Personal 3 devices license “is not a downgrade” from Pro.

It’s a new Pro (non Business) model licence option that “still has the same functionality” but allows now to be installed on 3 devices rather than one.

So seems like a good value option to me.

It is a good value. I don’t think we’re questioning that. But if you already own Pro, and try to ‘upgrade/add’ licenses, the cost system they have in place doesn’t make sense anymore. Why buy 2 or 3 by extending your pro? Might as well just buy a 3-pack of Personal. Better deal. That’s where the cost breakdown has a little problem I think.

But yes, the new personal 3 pack is great. It’s what I might be doing instead of extending my pro. I only need 1 extra for now, but it’s not worth it to keep extending pro.

Yes, exactly! I think the team could have done a better job communicating the license situation. I am a person and own a small business, but there’s effectively no reason to keep buying the Pro license (unless you are not mentioning an advantage of the Pro license).

Thanks for this. I think there’s room to improve the communication on this, as it seems I’m not the only one confused. Maybe add a FAQ section?

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