Upgrade loosing folders

I upgraded this morning and lost all my subfiles containing received and sent mails from specific people. I got them back by doing a rollback but, I would like to upgrade. How can I save my data so that I can have it in my new version.

Likewise - I restored my system and emails etc re-appeared. Made sure I had a backup of old client and re-installed the new client again and sure enough the emails have dis-appeared, again. Could not restore the backup of the old client.  Re-stored the system again and will not update Emclient.

Lets hope someone see’s this and gives us a reply. I would happly update but cannot, like all others, risk loosing my data.

Hello Robert,
you should be given the option to migrate your database during the upgrade.
It seems like you accidentally skipped it.
To import your data manually use the Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6 option.


I too lost my subfolders. I did as you suggested above and did a manual import of EM6 but it didn’t work. I then did a restore point in Win 10 back to EM6. I’ll wait until EM7 is fixed before I upgrade.

I had to import from  Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6.   All the mail re-appeared but all  my contact was gone. Any hint would be appreceated.
Regards Emma Kittelsen