I need to update from eMC6 - what should I do so that I retain all my settings and all my local folders?  I do not use Imap but Pop3, I have an extensive folder system and do not want to lose this.

Many thanks

Hello Simon,

Thank you for your interest in the update. First of all, we would recommend making a backup (Menu -> File -> Backup) that you can always fall back onto. Afterwards, go to Menu -> Help -> Check for Update and install version 7. When the installation is completed and you run eM Client, an automatic import wizard will ask you if you’d like to Import data from eM Client 6. Select yes and keep your old data for now. Please note that the import might take a while.

If you’re not comfortable with the version 7 new feature called Conversations which groups together messages that share a subject, you can disable it in Menu -> View -> Conversations.


Thanks Maurice, I’ll give this a try.


Hi Maurice.  This all worked well.