Updating eMClient with new folders fromOutlook

I am new to eMClient and have managed to set set up everything to start. However I am trying to import my saved email messages from my old client. To do this I have found a program that creates a subfolder in my account named “Imported Mail” however eMClient does not appear to be able to load this folder . If I try to create a folder with this label I am informed it is a reserved name. If I create other sub folders in Outlook those appear in eMClient in the correct place

If your previous email client is MS Outlook, you can import the messages directly through Menu > File > Import > Microsoft Outlook. To import only selected folders choose Import Selected Folders. That will give you access to all your normal mail folders in Outlook, so there is no need to export or save them to any other folder before you import to eM Client.

Thanks for the response
My previous client was Opera Mail so the messages are moved from there into a folder named “imported mail” that appears as part of the folder structure  in Outlook.
I had tried what you suggested but when I select the Import Selected Folders none are displayed in the window

In MS Outlook you can move the messages from the Imported Mail folder to another one that is visible when using the eM Client import function.

Or you can also go direct from Opera Mail to eM Client without using Outlook.

In Opera Mail right-click the mail folder you want to export. Choose Export and save the file. This will save the folder as an mbox file, but with an mbs extension. Open Windows Explorer and change the extension from .mbs to .mbox. In eM Client, you can import the .mbox file using Menu > File > Import > Mailboxes (.mbox)

Gary  Thanks for the suggestion of downloading to .mbs as that has worked perfectly

Glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile: