Updates are not detected by clicking "Check for updates"!

When clicking on “Check for updates” in version 7.2x “eM Client” doesn’t find any update.
Actually I have to look for updates manually on your website. I would be happy if “eM Client” is able to find updates by itself when clicking the button.

They don’t push updates out to all users at once as it would potentially overload their servers and they also can catch bugs prior to mass deployment.  You can always go to the website and get the current version.  This is much like how Microsoft handles updates.

Yes. I read about this. But I don’t want that they push updates to all clients. I don’t want to get notified automatically. I understand that “feature” and the problems going along with this.

What I want is to get an update notification when actively hitting the button to search for updates. Therefor it is no need to push updates to all clients. I fetch an update when there is one. In my opinion that are two different steps getting updates. :wink:

I guess that’s more of a feature request, as that’s not they way the update notification currently works.

Then the update notification hast to be changed. But it makes no sense to have a feature for checking for updates when eM Client doesn’t find updates anyway. :wink:

I have the same problem and I agree totally with DenalB. eM Client already has the feature under “Menu/Help/Check for Update”. So, it is not a new feature request that DenalB is asking for. DenalB is asking for the current feature to work properly. Currently, if I click on “Check for Update” and a new update is available on the eM Client web page, I always get a message back stating that no update is available even though a newer one is shown on the web page. What should happen is that I should get back a message stating a new update is available.

That’s exactly what I mean! :slight_smile:

I submitted a ticket to eM Client Customer Support about this problem.

It’s actually just like Microsoft when they issue feature updates.  You can click on check for updates all you want, and no update will download until they are ready to distribute to you-- maybe weeks after other users.  But, you can always go to the Microsoft website and download the update.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that what they are doing is kind of common in the industry.  Additionally, they have had a furry of 7.2 updates and maybe that kind of got them behind on the distribution.

That being said, it will be interesting to see what they say.

I am showing my submitted ticket information and the response I received the following day from eM Client Support Team. I really appreciate their quick and professional help.

My Ticket Information follows:

Your eM Client Knowledgebase states the following:

Important security updates are pushed automatically, so if there is one available an ‘Automatic update’ window will pop up after startup.

There can be service updates available that are not pushed to all users automatically though. In that case, you can manually check if there is one available using the Menu > Help >Check for updates option in the main program window."


The problem is that if I manually check and click on “Check for Update” and a new service update is available on the eM Client web page, I always get a message back stating that no update is available even though a newer one is shown on the web page. So, the manual “Check for Updates” option isn’t working at this time. I am on eM Clinet Pro Version 7.2.34208.0.

Response from eM Client Support follows:

The version pushed via update was actually released prior to the version that you are already using but we have addressed future occurrences of this problem in that exact version(7.2.34208.0).

Sounds good. Let’s see if it will be fixed. Thanks for raising a ticket!