Updated to new version and now it keeps crashing. What do I do? Don't want to lose all my contacts and old emails.

Help! How do I recover from having installed new version and now it keeps crashing. If I re-install the program from scratch will I lose all my contacts and old emails?

You can uninstall the new version and reinstall the old version.  All data will be kept, as the uninstall program does not remove the data directory.

I’d do a full backup and for extra security an export of individual folders you really care about too. Then rename or delete the old database file and it will create a new one.

You might first try without deleting the old DB file to see if it adapts and retains your data but it may not. Others claim data lost too.

I’m sticking with v6 for these reasons, but having lots of grief with that too. Opening emails is very slow. Worked fine for years. No idea what changed. Wonder if a Windows 10 thing???

The uninstall absolutely will not delete your data, but yes it is always a good idea to backup.  I would not delete the dataset, as it will just make the process more painful.  I deleted and reinstalled yesterday (the 7.2 version issue) and it took less than 5 minutes and the data and setting were all intact.


Any opinion on why some (many?) claim v7 not usable at all while others love it? Something schizoid going on here. Maybe environmental factors?

As far as version 7 goes, it was a significant change particularly with conversation mode and the rendering engine change from IE to Chrome.  Change is difficult for many people and they don’t deal well with it.  Also, we have also seen quite a bit of change in email provider protocols and settings (e.g., Microsoft accounts to Exchange and required 2-step authentication) that coincided with the release of the 7.x series.  In addition, they, for better or worse, decided to adopt the Gmail model, so that causes issues with some people.

Personally, I think 7.x is great.  I really wanted the conversation mode and their implementation (albeit a Gmail clone) is pretty darn good.  I would suggest you give version 7 a try, because you can go back to 6 pretty quickly if it doesn’t work out for you-- but give it a chance for a few days.

ok, thanks. I’ll give it a shot. 6 is giving me grief lately, but it may be partly due to a messed up folder structure on the Yahoo server. I had my entire account nested 5 deep and after mostly deleting the redundancy, I now have a trash folder (in eMC) with tons of grayed out folders that won’t delete. When I open new email it wants to sync the entire universe of nested folders and most is in trash too, so is very slow. I have not called ATT yet but hear they will point to Yahoo and vice versa. I may just walk away and create a new email addr and thus a new account, then import my local folders (important archives). I tried this but using “reply to old addr” and “forward to new acct” which kinda worked but then every 3rd email or so would bounce as undeliverable, so I abandoned the scheme.
I suspect it got confused with the double redirection. That was a back-door way to have a totally new and fresh account on the Yahoo server but retain my old email addr.

OK, you seem pretty knowledgeable so let me try this. My email provider is ATT, so if not using a client like Outlook or eMC, I use Yahoo web mail and dabble with Gmail some but not a consistent user…yet. Not nuts about Yahoo it’s 100% predictable and works 100% of the time, unlike eMC w hich was solid for many months then would go thru cranky periods, then snap out of it, then get cranky again, etc. Not positive, but this could have coencided with the advent of Win10 which I jumped on that day in July of 2015 when it was released.

As said earlier,  my Yahoo email sever data is all messed up. I need someone with “superuser” priv to go in there and delete a ton of stuff. I have literally 4000 bogus folders with names I know, but no idea how they became replicated over and over.

Is this a Yahoo or ATT issue? I know how to call ATT and actually speak with a human being but that’s a 45min bite out of my day before I know if they can help or not. Can I do that with Yahoo? I don’t think so. I have posted this on the Yahoo forum but no replies.  Thoughts?  Thanks.

Sorry for taking so long with a reply.  I’m pretty much a gmail guy, so I’m not sure what could have caused your AT&T mail issue  If it were me, I’d probably copy everything to a local folder and delete all emails on the account and kind of start fresh.  This way they remain local for archive purposes, but are not trying to constantly sync.

Not much help, I guess…

Thanks for the reply anyway. I have moved most to LOCAL folders, but now there’s tons of grayed out folders in the TRASH that won’t go away. They disappear momentairly on an “empty trash” but then pop back at about 1 per second.  Been procrastinating on calling ATT since the last time I did I made myself a pledge to never call again no matter what. It’s just too painful and a total waste of 45min that I can spend more productively staring out the window, or even taking a nap.

I’m using Yahoo webmail mostly for now due to either eMC’s long delay in opening mail (30sec+ per email) or refusal to read at all till the next day after a system reboot, or just the passing of time. I’ll to the v7 upgrade when I have more time.

@Jay Ogram

It should be mentioned that there can be issues with the database if the user goes back to 6. I lost a load of emails when I did. I believe it has something to do with whether or not you had emails from a previous version in that db, though I could be mistaken. Seems like a ridiculous thing though if it is. If I can write code that will convert the contents of 25 year old DB files into modern SQL equivalents, I fail to understand why people whom have the database structure available to them of their own software can’t correctly transpose data from one of their (own) database formats into another. Laziness, or incompetence. One has to wonder.

Regards emClient 7+. Personally I think if they’re going to clone gMail, then one may as well use gMail, and I’m not happy at all with the direction this UI is going. i.e. pointless brightly colored circles with one character inside it taking up screen real-estate etc. To me an email client should make the content of the email the primary focus, not the tools surrounding it. However, I understand that the world has been trained by Google and Microsoft to think that this wastage is called ‘design’ and is a ‘good thing’. There’s not a lot I can do to counter-program those beliefs, and if people are happy to accept rickety, unsecure (our passwords are most likely stored in plaintext in emClient’s databases) software whose owners seem to blame everybody but themselves for its constant crashing, then who am I to argue.