Updated to 7.2.34062.0, now none of my accts will connect

I have several email accts that I use with emclient. I have 5 gmail accts, and 1 with a custom domain. I got the update notice a couple days ago and allowed it. 
NOW- None of the gmail accts will connect. The non-gmail acct works.

I get the dialog "Password required for “. This operation may take a while to complete.” This stays up indefinitely. The message in the lower left is "Synchronizing subfold…"

I am able to create a calendar entry, but it doesn’t sync.

Nothing has changed in my acct settings- this happened when I updated the client. I really don’t want to lose my old email.

Why won’t my gmail work now?

I have the pay version by the way.

Look to see that the 0Auth2 web screen where you enter the password isn’t behind other windows (I actually had this problem…).

Jay- that is kinda what I figured- but just now I closed all my windows so just emclient was showing. When it puts up the “Password required” dialog, I can’t find any other windows. Of course, the dialog is modal, so I cannot click anywhere when emclient is in focus. Thanks for the idea, though. 
I can’t be the only person this is happening to, can I??

I know that some of the early versions of 7.2 had similar issues, but 34062 should be OK.  Just in case, install the latest version (7.2.34317.0) here:  https://emclient.com/release-history.

I installed 7.2.34317.0 and it is doing the same thing. I guess the next step is to delete an account and then re-add it. I don’t want to lose any emails though…

Try making Firefox or Chrome the default browser (pretty much anything except IE).  Also, you might want to contact eM Client directly-- see https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/new-7-2-release-addressing-the-oauth-problem

Chrome is my default browser- but what does that have to do with emclient? I have submitted a ticket for this issue with the emclient people.

Ok-I got it working now. I set Firefox as default browser, and I saw the signin screens. Don’t know why Chrome was not showing these. I do have a clue though. For a couple years now, the taskbar icon for Chrome has been the IE logo. I don’t know how this happened but I never looked into how to fix it. Maybe this somehow kept Chrome from being launched for the auth.