Updated to 7.0.26687.0 - How Do You Respond to an ORIGINAL received email after you've forwarded it?

I updated to the newest version of emClient today and found an unusual issue:  When I forwarded an email to a third party and click on the original email, it opens to the FORWARDED email, not the original, incoming mail.  This is a problem when I want to respond to the original email (and not to the forwarded recipient).  How do I get to the original email, then respond, like the previous version (which listed the original email, then simply by clicking on it I could respond)?

In the conversation mode, at the top of the reading pane you will see a message that says “Show x older emails” Click on this and it will display all emails in the conversation string. Select the original email and right-click anywhere on it and choose “respond”.

Oops, reply, not respond…


Or in addition to the right click you can also use the Reply arrow on the right of each email’s header.

Yeah, tried that.  It replies to the person I FORWARDED the initial email to–not to the original emailer.

You still need to be in the correct email, not just the most recent

Right.  The previous version allowed me to click on the sender’s email (regardless of what I had done with it after receiving) and I could directly respond.

By previous version, I assume you mean version 6. That version did not support conversations, as a result the forwarded message would not display, except in Sent Items.