Updated the latest eM Client today

I just updated the eM Client and now it will not open. I made sure that the Administrator rights were checked and the version being used within the software is Windows XP (service Pack 3) and still it will not open the application. I have it installed on my task bar and the program menu. Nothing seems to work to open the application.

Please advise what needs to be done. I have this issue on occasion. Thank you.

Have you re-booted the computer?

Let me try that as I have been doing it all along. I’ll let you know. Thank you.

Went back to the PC and did a cold boot and also went into the Administrator menu and still unable to open application. Next, I went back to the User menu and try to open the application, all I get is the same response: "User Account Control: Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? eM Client verified publisher: eM Client, s.r.o. File origin: Hard drive on this computer.
Please advise. Thank you.

I don’t believe you said what version you were updated to? Where you downloaded from?

I just noticed that within the short cut eM Client properties - compatibility it is ghosted Windows 8
My PC is running Windows 10 Home - the update came across today from EM Client that I installed.

When I hit the app it is now always opening to: User Account Control and will not go any further.
Please advise. Thank you.

Unable to locate version running on app - I downloaded from eM Client notification that was sent.

Totally confusing… you said originally you were running Windows XP, now you are saying you are running Windows 10 and “compatibility it is ghosted Windows 8”.

I still have no clue what version you were running prior to the update.
So, if this were me I would uninstall eMClient, leaving the database intact, and install either the last update of v7 or the last update of v8 (the version is up to you) from this eMClient web page

This would be your decision entirely…

For clarification I am running Windows 10 Home - the Windows compatibility mode for eM Client is Windows XP. When I looked at the eM Client properties it shows ghosted Windows 8.

My version of eM Client is: 8.0.3385.0 that was release on 08-21-2020.

Unable to open app - when I hit on it - it reads: User Account Control:
Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? This happens on the task bar and the program app. Please advise. I truly appreciate your help.

When I look at the eMClient properties/compatibility NOTHING is checked.
I have no earthly idea about “ghosted” Windows XP compatibility for EC…

I do not use UAC and have not since, EVER. So can’t help you there… although you keep repeating this UAC stuff…

I am running the same version as you and I am not seeing ANYTHING close to what you describe…

Thank you very much Sunriseal as it was very nice of you to help me and for that I am grateful.
I was able to get the application to open once I went back into the short cut on the eM Client; properties to compatibility and change it to Windows 8 and took out the Administration. Once, that was done…
It opened. Because of you asking questions it seem clearer what needed to be done. I’m so happy.

Glad to hear that all is well…