Update your eM Client BETA installations

Thank you very much for sending us your reports and feedback on the eM Client 10 BETA!
We’ve made some more improvements, so please make sure to keep testing on the latest version.

What’s new in BETA 2:

  • Conversations UI redesign for clearer distinction between messages
  • Option to change the Conversation order
  • Messages can now be moved from one category to another (drag & drop, right-click)
  • Custom rules for category organization
  • New initial and upgrade wizard
  • Support for NOT (use - symbol) and OR (use {} around the searched terms) operators in search
  • Chat and multichat improvements
  • Feature to propose new time for invitations
  • Emoticons lookup (use : and start typing)
  • Bug fixes

eM Client 10 BETA 2 for Windows
eM Client 10 BETA 2 for Mac

Hearing about the eM Client 10 BETA for the first time? Read about it on our blog!

Note: eM Client 10 BETA will update your database so it is highly recommended to make a backup in case you’d like to switch back to eM Client 9 for any reason.

No license is required for testing - the Beta runs in a trial mode, so anybody can try it out freely and it will be operational for 3 months after the release of the specific version.

In case you come across any issues with the Beta version, please make sure to report them to our support team at [email protected] and we will look into each reported problem in detail.

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