Update to version 10 via eM Client

When will the update to version 10 be available in Menu - Check for updates?

V10 update official release is available now via the release history page or eM Client homepage.

It’s not automatically pushed out to all eM Client 9 users, as some current version licenses dont include the upgrade with their existing license.

If you have a free personal version or a pro paid “lifetime upgrade” version, then you can manually download V10 via the release history page and install the update.

Note: Close eM Client before updating and also backup eM Client “prior to upgrading” incase you have any problems via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is complete in Show Operations via clicking the drop-down on the right of Refresh top left.

Now if you have previously purchased eM Client V9 Pro or V9 Pro Business version “without the lifetime upgrade options”, then you will need to purchase V10 upgrade where there is now new different License options you can choose from. See the new eM Client V10 pricing page.

Thank you very much for the necessary information.

With the release of version 10, I would assume that the days for supporting version 9 are numbered. I would like to know if we can expect any security/maintenance updates for version 9 in the future.

Of course, we will do security/maintenance updates for version 9 minimally to the release of version 11. Major issues will be addressed even beyond that date.