update to new version

it is great that em client automatically shows that there is a new update available. but - there is no indication what programm is announcing the available update. it would be helpful if the little blurb showed that em client wants to update - since it is not the only programm doing updates on the computer.

I agree with you that it could be more clear. However, I spent some time yesterday looking at this. The pop-up is an internal eM Client notification, not a Windows one. The same as a new mail notification, or an event notification, they don’t specifically list the application name.

since it is internal to em client - should that not be easy to add an id that it is em client?

When I saw the update notification, I didn’t doubt that it belonged to eM Client, but I guess that is an assumption which is not necessarily a good thing, so some some degree of self-identification would not be a bad thing.

I was amused, during the update process, that the installer requested that eM Client be closed for the update, which it did, then it complained that eM Client was still running as it failed to detect the completion of it’s own shutdown process. :slight_smile:

The installation process also requested a complete system restart which I declined, but still restarted eM Client anyway.

hello, please stop sending me notofications. I cancelled emclient 10day ago and I receive about 15 notifications every day
thank you ant good bye
marie montandon

I suspect that you could stop notifications by clicking the “unfollow” button on any threads you have posted to. Or even deleting your eM Client Forum account (from the profile settings) would probably disconnect from all notifications.

Yes, deleting your Getsatisfaction profile will stop any emails from this forum.