Update problem 'the feature you are trying to use...' tmpD3B2.tmp.msi file

Trying to update on V6.0.2… and this message comes up every time, same happened before I upgraded to Win10



Hi Collin,

To solve this issue, completely delete and remove the previous version of eM Client through programs and features in control panel and install the latest update from this link: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.249…


This  does not work?

I cannot uninstall because the file is missing, when I delete the emclient folder the new install creates a new emclient folder but then gets to a point where it is still looking for the same file?

This is so frustrating.

Finally managed to update, the windows uninstall will not do it, I used IOBit Powerful Uninstall and that worked a treat!