Update on when email scheduling will be added?

Ive seen conversations about this back and forward and understand its planned but pending.  It’s a real loss not to have it so any idea when?

This feature will be included in the upcoming release of eM Client 7.


In addition to delayed send, Resend as New, and Recall sent message are be really useful additions missed from Outlook.

Hello, some of these features are planned for the upcoming release as well, note however that message recall is a feature only available for Exchange servers.


Understood, however is there a possibility of integrating Gmail’s ‘undo send’ feature in eM client ?  Or set a default delay for all messages in options, to give you a margin of safety, which would do effectively the same thing.
On a related point, sometimes I find the messages in the outbox can be edited/deleted after clicking send, while at other times the original message will be sent even if it was altered from the Outbox — this can be confounding at times.

Delayed send feature will be included in future releases, other features are under consideration. We’d certainly like to include all these options, 
however please note that each feature has to be carefully designed and implemented into the UI, this takes time and can’t be included immediately.