UPDATE ISSUE - lost e-mails

Today I up-dated my free EM Client as prompted. The software up-dated but when I opened up the software the latest e-mails in all my folders was July 2021 and the backup file is also dated July 2021. At the moment I cannot find any e-mails later than Jul 2021 - where there should be many. Any ideas on what has happened and any chance of recovering the e-mails between July 2021 and today?

If you have been creating eM Client backups either automatically via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup” or manually via “Menu / Backup” then click “Menu / File / Restore” to restore.

Or if you have an IMAP , Exchange, iCloud type account you can just remove your account and re-add as new which will bring back all your emails from the server.

If you have a POP account and don’t have an eM Client backup, then you would need to restore your computer if you do regular computer images.