Update installation fails

Good day, I run MacOS Monterey 12.7.2. During the recent update, the installation fails without explanation. HAs anyone experience this before?

I have tried all the usual security measures: Switch off firewalls, reboots, cache clearing, allowing installation from Developers and Apple in Prefs>Security, etc. Is there anything else that I may be overlooking?



lunes 22 enero 2024 :: 0936hrs (UTC +0100)

Two things you did not specifically mention:
1./ Download the version you are trying to install direct from eMC
2./ Run the upgrade with eMC closed (exit eMC before running upgrade)

This often helps with Windows, I assume the same will hold good with MAC


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Hey there, thanks for the reply.

1- The version I’m trying to install is 9.2.2230
2- I’ve run the update without opening eMClient at all, still no luck.

Thanks for helping out, I do appreciate it…