UPDATE: I MAY HAVE SOLVD THE PROBLEM: Formatting problem in the notes section - text line feeds are not honored.

(Update)  I removed Em Client and deleted the database. then reinstalled.)
That may have cured the problem that existed after the install of 7.2

Text lists in Google contact’s notes and my android Contact Manager’s notes look like this…


Since 7.2  (I’m using 7.2.34137.0)

List looks like this…

John Paul George Ringo.

If I correct it by adding line feeds and save… upon reboot
the line feeds are not honored, again.

I tried another email client as well and it’s notes were okay.

I’ve noticed the same thing in the (Calendar) Event Description.
It would appear that the recent change seems to have effected in use of multi-line fields across eM Client as whole.

I had to reinstall em client due to problems with other issues.  I did a clean install and now the line feed problem is back.  Line feeds are being replaced with spaces.  When I correct the list, shutdown and return, the problem returns.  Other clients as well as online gmail continue to show up correctly.  The info is not being corrupted but it is being displayed improperly. 

Line feed formatting is being ignored in the contact notes is being ignored and the problem has resurfaced.  Line feeds are being replaced with spaces.  The result is an improper display of lists. However the data still displays okay on gmail and other email clients.  Started with 7.2 and another member mentioned the problem in the calendar notes.