Update gives an error

Wenn I try to uipdate I got a message.

The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that s not available

Something you can try:

Uninstall eM Client making sure NOT to delete the database directory when asked. Then download and install the latest version again from the Release History.

Yes. But I had a lot of problems with that last time. So rather not.
My database is on the D partition and apparently that was the problem.

Anyway, the solution is there, and won’t give you any problems. It is up to you if you want to use it.

Actually, the fault lies with eM-Client. Why does an update ask for a file on the CD rom or the external disk. And why is not the name of the searched file given in the error message. Seems to be a programming error.

I already gave you the solution to fix it, but you are not interested.

Maybe someone else will comment and give you the solution you want.

@Efel Sounds like something went wrong when you originally installed eM Client if you are getting asked for a CDRom or other Removable device when checking for updates and would be impossible to know how to fix that. I suspect that is some sort of eg: Registry error if you have Windows.

So as @Gary says, the only way to fix it is to uninstall eM Client and “Don’t” delete the database when uninstalling, and finally reinstall the latest version.

Note:- Before you uninstall, click “Menu / Backup” and make a backup of your current version.