Update from V7 Pro to free version

I am running V7 Pro and would like to update this to a later free version. I have a number of saved emails and do regular back-ups which I wish to retain.

In seeking to do this (transition from V7 Pro to later free version) I got a warning message that suggested I might need to roll-back but would not be able to do so. Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact details - I panicked at the thought of losing said emails to stopped install.

Is anyone able to tell me the correct way of achieving this updating please?

As long as it is for personal home use only, you can change to a Free license. But be aware that the Free license has some functions disabled, and you can only have 2 email accounts in eM Client.

To register a Free license go here: Get Free License | Free Email Client | eM Client

When you have the license key, in eM Client go to Menu > Help > License and deactivate the Pro license. Then click on Activate and paste in the Free license key.

Thanks Gary - entirely personal use, I had three email addresses hence needed Pro but I have now reduced this to two.

When I use the link you give it tells me:

License issuing failed. A license for this email already exists. Only one Free license per email is allowed. You can get your existing activation key here …

Should I uninstall the old version (Pro 7)? If I do, will I be able to restore the emails?

Thanks again

That means you already have a Free license. So just use that.

If you have lost the license key, you can have it resent to you by entering the email address in the Lost Activation Key page.

Thanksand apologies but I am not understanding. If I go into licence in eM Client I get:


Surely if I get the license key it will be for that version?

You have a Pro and Free license registered to your GMX address.
You also have a Free license registered to your TalkTalk address.
I have just resent them to you.

When you get them, deactivate the version 7 Pro license and activate a Free license.

Thanks for all the help Gary