Update failures and confusion

I frequently manually look for updates, since I have never, ever have received any update notification for any version that I had. Until yesterday I had been using version Office version 9.2.2202. I then downloaded the latest version from your website only to discover that this version has the number 9.2.2230.

If I go the release history page on your website, I find neither version posted there. What the heck is going on here?

The versions you refer to were released for Mac but never for PC. If you are using a PC, are you sure you downloaded it from our website?

Now that you mention it… I think I downloaded it from the ComputerBase website in Germany. It is listed there on their download page as the download for all Windows versions.
Is this a mistake on their part and am I indeed running a Mac version on my Intel PC? If so, how could it even install?

Please advise what I should do. Simply uninstall and install latest version from eM Client?

You can leave it as it is, but it is not an official release for PC.