Update fails

When I start the update file, setup.msi, the only choices are given are to repair or to remove emClient. Repairing shows no update, removing I did not try, for obvious reasons.
I have v. 6.0.19861.0

Looks like the setup.msi file you’re trying to use, is the same version of eM Client as is already installed on your computer.

How is that possible? I have version 6.0.19861.0. When I Look for update, it says that 6.0.20648.0 is the newest one. I download that one (I suppose).The setup.msi is 15.028.224 Mb

Can you try the following installation?


Good Morning,

I did as you advised. Now a proper installation procedure started. Until:A window with the message saying the network location: users/Huub/appdata/local/Temp/kqxburtj.itx/setup(1).msi could not be used. I canceled the  installation and now a message: “The older version of emClient could not be removed”
BUT: When I look in the installed version of my emClient, the update was succesful, I now have version 6.0.20698.0
So far so good?


PS. In the /temp directory there are nevertheless 3 other locations where a setup(1).msi file is located, in directory’s 3x1yvtck.x2p, and 2 other fancy names. All are dated earlier then the moment I did the last (succesfull) installation, and all have the size 15.028.224 Mb.  The file you advised me is 15.208.448 Mb

Hi, I’m glad you were able to update after all, but this seems like you don’t have the permission to access the Temp folder, that’s why the installation failed using the automatic update feature due to the error mentioned.
The automatic update feature downloads the new installer and tries to run it from the temp folder, this was not possible on your computer apparently.

Can you check your permission settings for these folders?

Thank you,