Update doesn't work

Hi, I have eMClient 8.0.3385 and I have just discovered that there is a new version 8.1.857 available with Google.
I have 2 questions about that :
First, is there somewhere an option to update automatically directly via the software ?
Second, when I click on “search for update” (menu) eMClient it dit not find the update ?

Thank you for the reply

PS: I downloaded the update manualy this time

The issue of no update notification was responded to in an earlier post by @Gary,
“I understand that the updates are not pushed to all users at once, so that might be why there is some delay.”

No, it can’t be done automatically. When the application detects an update, it will always ask if you want to update. If you choose yes, it will download and install, with a few buttons for you to click along the way.

Thanks for the replay.
Just to precise, when I click on “search for update” (menu) eM Client it did not find the update, it’s not only a pop-up do not appear but it’s not detected/invisible in this case.



Updates are not made available to everyone at the same time. If you click on Check for Update, it may not indicate an update. That is just the way the service is, it is staggered so not everyone downloads the update at the same time.

You can manually get the update by downloading it at any time from the Release History.