Update 9.2.1628.0 Failing

Just received notification of update to 9.2.1628.0 but when I click on install (on Windows 11) it starts the install OK (progress bar visible) then produces a pop-up box with the message “The specified account already exists”. When I click on ‘close’, the install rolls back (including a reverse direction progress bar!) and the install fails.

Tried it a few times (including a restart) but the result is the same. Any suggestions?

Can you provide a screenshot of the error please.

Here is a screen capture of the error:
eMC error msg


It may be possible to fix it with this:

OK, that was quick!

I tried the Microsoft app, above. After much whirling and message box displays, Microsoft found nothing and the best it could suggest is that I “uninstall and try again”. I’ve been using eM Client for many years now, with multiple accounts attached, I’m really disinclined to uninstall.

I don’t think I’m being blocked from installing (I’ve installed other software and updates with no problem. The message is strange. Why the reference to an “existing” account and why is eM Client trying to install one?