Update 7.0.27943 destroys local files?

Updated to this version last night and noticed the update wiped all my existing account settings. OK, that’s bad enough but I can fix. However, I then realized that all my saved emails in local files were missing. This is a big problem for me because I like to save important emails in a local folder for future reference. I’ve searched AppData and My Documents for any trace of the previous files and found only an empty eM Client folder. Is there somewhere else to look for these files or am I truly screwed?

Same happened to a client of mine. Performed the update and lost all account settings. Is this happening to everyone or just a few people?

Pretty poor form, eM Client…

Hello Chris,

If you lost your account settings, it is quite possible you lost the setting that points to the disk location of your data including the folder called ‘Local Folders’.

Did you ever change the location of where your emails and data is stored?  Like onto a drive other than your SSD? Or to another location for backup purposes?   You can change these settings in the em Client settings\general\storage page.   Have a look there to see where emClient thinks your data is.

And it sounds like this new install reverted back to it’s default location which is: %user%\Appdata\Roaming\em Client

If this did happen then em Client would create a new empty set of local folders. 

Just a thought.  Please investigate and let us know. 



Hi Allan

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am a Computer Troubleshooters franchisee and raised this in our forum. I am not the only person to have experienced this.

It seems to be related to Gmail accounts. I received a few replies from other franchisees and the problem only occurred with Gmail accounts.

In my case, my customer was using the default location for the eM Client files. We didn’t move any of the information. There is only one Gmail account defined to eM Client.

I didn’t actually believe what had happened, so I used System Restore to go back to before the eM Client 7 update.

On the restored system, eM Client (ver 6) was configured correctly with the Gmail account and all email history was visible. I accepted the prompt to update eM Client to version 7.

Once the update was complete the Gmail account had *again* been removed. Another System Restore, and eM Client version 6 was again completely and correctly configured, with all email history.

Sounds like a little buggy-wug!

Hi Chris,

I’m not quite sure what is going on, but I can tell u that system restore does not back up or restore data. From what your are telling me,
I can say that the data in the default location of %user%\appdata\roaming\em client iremsins untouched between installing the new version and restoring from a sys restore point

The bug is that the update is losing the setting which points to the data.

Using file explorer, go to the default data folder as describe above and u will see the data. Take a back up copy if u wish. But u won’t need it.

Do the update and go look. The data will still be there. But the new version will be looking in another empty ‘local folders’ folder.

Cheers Allan

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Thanks, Allan and Chris. I was able to find the previous files in …\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. Not sure why I didn’t see them when I first looked. Apologies to the devs for suggesting their update was destroying files. But I was still not seeing my accounts and local folders. What worked for me was to use File/Import from the menu then select “Import from eM Client 6” and point to the same folder.

Hi Alan Duke

I believe you could have also opened up em client’s storage settings and provide the path to the folder that contains your data. It must have ended not finding it during the install thus created some empty folders.

Glad we got you there.

Cheers, al

if you skipped the migration of your data during the eM Client 7 installation you can import them manually.
Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6.


Hi all

Thanks for the replies!

For Allan: I did the System Restore to recover the eM Client ver 6 program and settings. I understand that the System Restore doesn’t change the user data. The System Restore worked and restored eM Client 6 with the correct account settings.

I accept that the upgrade to ver 7 doesn’t delete any of the user data, but it does, in some cases, remove the current account settings, so that when you start eM Client, there are no email account details.

It is good that there is an import function available, but shouldn’t it work so that when you upgrade from ver 6 to ver 7 *no* account settings are lost? If you do perform the import, will that also import the account settings or just the data?

(As an aside, the lost account settings when migrating from ver 6 to 7 has happened to a few other Computer Troubleshooters franchisees and their customers. Some have also successfully updated without losing any account settings…)

This is a tricky problem!

Hi Chris,

Yes, very tricky problem especially if eM Client support can’t replicate.  It is happening to quite a few folks though.

One of the points I was trying to make through all my wordiness, was if you establish (using File Explorer) that the 7.0.27943.0 install is NOT destroying your data,   then rather than re-importing, you should just be able to help eM client find your data directory through Settings -> Storage as I did.  

After changing the data folder setting to point to where you know your data is, you have to shut down and restart and wallah there is your accounts with all data.   Just as you left it.

Importing has a gotcha where it marks everything as unread.  And selecting them all to mark read, can be quite time consuming if you have dozens of mail folders as I do.  

Just want to toss that out there.  Worked great great for me.  


First off, a thank you Allan Duke for describing this problem as “destroying local files” because that’s how I found this great thread.  I too had a new account after upgrading and like Chris, I opted to using a restore point to get myself whole again.  At the time when it happened, I didn’t remember the “Settings -> Storage” setting and wasn’t successful getting any advice on the web.  In short, I panicked.

Reading this thread gave me the confidence to give it another go.  It seems odd that my eM Client app (ver 6.0.24928.0) did not request an update until now because I usually opt to accept updates when they become available.  I’ve been using eM Client since mid 2012.  Is it my imagination or is the eM Client community not as vibrant as it once was?  Peace.

I also clicked on the update last night, I have nothing left but a new acct. I’m not all that computer savvy, so I’m at a loss how to get it back. Any help would be appreciated!