Unwanted GIF picture in my sent emails

The GIF picture that appears next to my name on every email I send is inappropriate. I would like to know how to remove it. THank you for your help. 

What I think you are referring to is the avatar displayed in eM Client.

The image is not part of the message you have sent.  This is for display purposes only and is retrieved from web services like Google+ or Gravatar. So if you have registered an image for your email address on one of these services, it will be displayed

However, eM Client is not the only email client that will source an image from the internet, so the best solution, if the image is inappropriate, is for you to unregister your avatars with whatever online accounts you use.

If you don’t want to display avatars in eM Client, you can change the setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > Contacts > Avatars.

Gary, you were absolutely right, It was an avatar problem THANK YOU! have a nice day. Robert