Unwanted Addresses in Dropdown List When Composing

I think this situation has appeared quite recently, unless my memory is poor. When composing a message and clicking in the To, CC or BCC field, old and obsolete addresses appear that are not in my contacts. I do not want to see these, and I suspect that some are not even valid addresses any longer. How can I eliminate them?

If there are recipients showing in the TO: CC: or BCC: lines you don’t need or no longer want, go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Compose” and click the box marked “Show Recipients”. You can then delete whatever you want from the history fields.

Note: eM Client also in the latest versions suggests email addresses from the ,“Sent folder” as well in case you are seeing those to.

This is a duplicate of Email suggestion based on addresses from all sent emails.

Ben17, thank you for referencing that topic. I will follow that one from now on, and I certainly hope a way to include only drop-down addresses from my contacts is available soon. I keep two years’ worth of messages in my sent folder, and there must be hundreds of addresses in them that I do not want to see.

Can I close this thread myself or can someone else do it to prevent parallel discussions?