Too many emails. Quote: "
To stop receiving notifications about Mail, visit the link below:
This statement is untrue. Please let me go or do I have to bow out of eM altogether to get rid of the incessant emails?.

Hi Martin,
I already replied to your email, but I’ll say it again - those are the forum notifications, which are generated by the forum. eM Client itself sends you no emails, unless you ask for a reset emails from our licensing server.
The forum is provided to us from GetSatisfaction, so if the Unfollow button the link sends you to doesn’t work, try clicking your name on the forum, choose to view Profile and then “Email & Notifications” settings where you can just uncheck all the options to stop receiving mail about the forum posts you follow.


I have unchecked all the options months ago and I am still getting mails!! 

Hello Jeeper,
have you unchecked all the possible options as shown below?

I wanted to check your account but it seems it has been closed.
I’ll assume you no longer experience the notification problem.


Where in the Forum does your name appear?  Unable to find this spot.

Top right corner of the page.